Skin Saviour #3: Vitamin D and its effects on my acne


As I mentioned in my previous post, my naturopath helped determine that I had a severe vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D deficiency is apparently common for asian women with pale skin, and particularly for office workers that spend all day indoors. Research says that humans only need to spend 10 – 20 minutes in the sun everyday and expose their bare skin to get enough Vit D to maintain healthy levels.

Although I do try to get outside at lunch time, the reality of an office worker is that you go to work in the morning and come back home at night.

So what’s this got to do with acne?

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My adult acne journey so far

I turn 30 soon. Felt like it was time to tell my story.

Like millions of other people on the interweb, I also battle adult acne. Battle, not battled.

It’s still there, but it’s gotten better. And I know why.

I’m here to share my journey with you.



I know how desperate it gets. How humiliating, how sad, how depressing, how low, how challenging acne, especially adult acne can be.

I’m here to remind you that it’s not your fault.

I spent so long blaming myself, maybe it’s the Catholic in me, but I only turned the corner when I realised it wasn’t my fault. I didn’t ‘do’ acne to myself.


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