Skin Saviour #2: Maca powder to balance hormones

In my previous post I mentioned that through my naturopath/holistic health doctor, I found that I had a hormonal imbalance and ovarian cysts. I have also had quite bad period pain on the first day for the past 10 years or so, but thought it was just natural.

After discovering cysts on my ovaries, I was referred to a specialist gyno and she recommended that I go on a 3 month course of the contraceptive pill. However being an inner ‘greenie’ I just couldn’t bear the thought of putting synthetic hormones into my system in an effort to ‘fix’ what was essentially a whole-body health issue.

I’m no doctor, and I have no issue with others using the pill for various reasons, don’t get me wrong I’m not judging, but for me I didn’t feel like it was the best choice. If I find my symptoms still persist, I may go back and try the pill out of sheer desperation, I don’t know yet.

So what did I do to try and balance out my hormones?

1. Exercise more – started taking fitness seriously and now making a conscious effort to exercise twice a week at least. I know that’s not good enough, but baby steps people, baby steps!

2. Limit coffee and alcohol – these are gut irritants and also promote inflammation and I swear I could feel my ovaries twinge whenever I had a coffee or drank some wine. I still enjoy these things about once a week or so, but I really do try to minimise where possible.

3. Take maca powder capsules – balances out hormones by stimulating endocrine system, apparently.

More about Maca Root Powder

  • Google research tells me that Maca is a peruvian root vegetable grown high up in the Andes
  • It’s a nutrient-rich root vegetable that resembles a squashed turnip
  • Something about the vitamins, minerals and constituents of the Maca root combine to nourish the endocrine system which in turn balances your hormones
  • People use to increase their libido, energy, fertility, enhance workouts
  • Apparently best taken in intervals – on, then off for a week – so your body doesn’t get used to it
  • I won’t provide any links because I have literally read about 100 articles touting the glories of maca root

My experience and feedback taking Maca 

  • I use capsules of the MACA GOLD brand from my local health food store – this because I don’t trust myself to get a measured dosage of just loose powder
  • I have been taking 1 capsule a day with food in the morning on and off for about 3 months
  • This stuff is potent, once I had a coffee and followed with a maca capsule and had heart palpitations – take low dosages and see how you feel
  • Has completely gotten rid of my period pain on the first day of menstrual cycle – CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!
  • UPDATE: When do I remember to take the maca on a regular basis, my period cramps are gone, but when I forget they come back – so it’s obviously not a cure-all, but it seems a good enough reason to take it in my point of view!
  • Smoothed my skin complexion where I no longer get the odd annoying and persistent pimple, one after the other
  • Increased my energy so I can actually exercise and enjoy it after work
  • Made me feel more positive and clearer in thoughts/mind
  • I’ve heard of people gaining weight especially in boobs and butt using maca, but yet to see the results for me 😉

What this means to me is that it must be balancing my hormones because the fact that I am no longer getting period pain is beyond astonishing as well as my skin smoothing out. It’s been so liberating not having to take that little blue pain killer pill for period pain every month, I am AMAZED.

I know that it’s been a combination of maca, cleansing brush and exercise that I’m practically acne-free, but until I get my follow up tests done I won’t know for sure.

Will keep you in the loop.

x A



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