Skin Saviour #1: Facial cleansing brush

If you take a look at My Skin Saviours page, it lists all the products and factors that have dramatically improved my skin.

Number 1 on this list is my facial cleansing brush by Skin Physics – Derma Sonic(TM) Power Cleaning Brush.

Similarly to the Clarisonic, this brush claims that the “Cleansing Brush uses sonic frequency to clean, soften and smooth skin. In just 60 seconds, the brush gently yet thoroughly removes make-up, dirt and oil.” The aim is to get the ‘sonic’ power of the brush to dislodge and unclog pores of the impurities of your day.

It’s basically like an electric toothbrush for your face!

I started off sceptical.

It took me a long time to discover this brush, because although I had read about the Clarisonic so many times on blogs,, youtube etc, I was still convinced my acne was caused by something internal, and no matter how much cleansing I did, it wasn’t going to improve it. But after I had addressed my internal bits with my naturopath, I still had a very bumpy, uneven and congested skin texture that needed attention.

I think I bought this brand after I saw it at Priceline on special, having seen about a hundred Clarisonic testimonials. It seemed reliable, and my google research told me it was more gentle than the leading brand, because it has 4 settings and came with 3 different brush heads – sensitive, normal and body.

My experience & how to use

I’ve used the brush now for about 4 months and it’s literally changed my skin. Thank You, Thank You & Thank God.
Albeit the red scarring that I have, and occasional bump or two I get, my skin is now smooth and less congested than I could have ever imagined. Now when I wear make-up, it’s kind of hard to tell what journey my skin has been on…

I use this brush every night in the shower after removing my make-up. Details of my current skin care routine are here.

It’s been trial and error.

  • Took me a while to figure out how to charge it – it’s got a charging cradle, but it doesn’t ‘lock’ the brush in place as one may expect, but rather you kind of lean it in the cradle
  • Mine I suspect is faulty, because it doesn’t turn off after 30 secs, but keeps going. This means the battery seems to run out pretty quick. I can only get about 7 uses, before it goes dead.
  • Started off on lowest setting with the sensitive pink brush head, however I found that the sensitive brush head feels like it’s scratching my skin, so I prefer the normal brush head personally
  • I started by dragging it across my skin instead of lightly skimming it – ended up with red, sore cheeks after using this too enthusiastically at the beginning
  • Now I’ve worked my way up to the third setting that gives a decent sonic vibration and I just lightly press it along my skin in the areas I need most unclogging – under my cheekbones, chin, forehead, temples – and keep away from eyes or along my cheek bones
  • Keep it to 30 seconds unless you want a sore face for days!

My skin started to purge after 2 weeks.

  • Apparently this is normal. All the gunk from inside your pores that was just sitting there starts to come up to the surface, and it’s not pretty. I read that this would happen, but when it actually did, although it wasn’t all THAT dramatic it still freaked me out enough to stop using it for a week.
  • After my week break, I started using it again when I felt my skin could handle it and I saw results!!
  • Every subsequent week, my skin just got smoother, brighter, better. And I got less and less acne.

4 months later…

  • When I do get pimples, they usually come to the surface much quicker
  • If I have a blind/cystic pimple, I will gently hold the brush on it to get the blood flowing and imagine the pus in it dissipating. Don’t know if it’s true, but it genuinely seems to work! it either flattens it, or brings it to the surface.
  • Acne scarring is fading. Don’t get too excited – I can’t say like some others on the interweb that it’s solved all my scarring problems, but it’s definitely helping.
  • Hardly any oiliness anymore – not sure if this has helped directly, but as my skin is not congested as much, I feel like there’s also less oil around my T-zone.

I’m a convert, and will rave (like the above) to anyone who wishes to hear my two-cents. I’ve even gotten my bf onto it, and he is slowly seeing the benefits as well.

Do you have a facial cleansing brush? Or are you considering getting one? Let me know.

x A


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