Iridology: Eyes are the windows to your health


Highlighted bits are what my iridologist saw in my right eye.

Highlighted bits are what my iridologist saw in my right eye.


I’ve always wondered about the mysteries of iridology, but had never gone further than wondering.

Luckily, my workplace decided to hold a wellness day through a third-party service and iridology was one of the consultations offered. This was my chance!

I sat down in front of the practitioner and gave away nothing about my health. She then took out a small magnifying glass with a light and looked into both my eyes.


What did my eyes give away?

  • Digestion: Can’t remember what exactly it was called, but I have a ring around my pupil which indicated weak digestion. Amazing! I’ve had issues with my digestion since I was a child and Mylanta was my best friend. She also said that this was genetic, so something I had to work on constantly.
  • Scurf rim: This is a ring on the outside of the iris, that indicates that toxins aren’t being eliminated by the skin effectively. Int-er-esting…!!!
  • Lymphatic rosary: Another ring around the outer iris, it indicated a sluggish lymphatic system, which also means that circulation is poor, and toxins aren’t being eliminated
  • Gallbladder: Spot on my gallbladder area that indicated it’s weak and not producing enough bile. Means pressure on the liver and bad digestion, especially when trying to digest fatty foods. Another amazing find – I can’t eat anything overly buttery or deep fried, let alone pork belly, without running to the loo or feeling like crap for a few days.

Iridologist’s recommendations

Although iridology isn’t specific enough to provide an accurate diagnosis, there were some general recommendations she gave which I thought were valuable.

  • Support and stimulate lymphatic drainage by exercising, loofah in the shower, massages and eating more fruits & veges
  • Improve circulation to skin by exercising
  • Detoxify system by increasing fruit & veges intake and water consumption
  • Support the pancreas in digestion be eating good high in enzymes – fruit, papaya, pineapple in particular
  • Improve liver function with carrot and beetroot juice, lemon with warm water in the morning, green tea, dandelion team herbs such as St Marys thistle
  • Use bitter herbs to increase digestive secretions such as green tea, swedish bitters, apple cider vinegar
  • Target the gall bladder specifically with globe artichoke – tea or extract
  • Avoid processed oils, deep fried foods, and take aways

I was happy to see that a lot of above I was already doing, or at least confirmed my theories of doing.

My action plan:

1. Exercise more – make a conscious effort to exercise at least twice a week. Yes I know it’s basic, and all you healthy fit ppl out there will be gobsmacked, but I find it hard exercise properly more than once a week. I have a naturally slim frame, so my motivation comes from how I feel after going to the gym and building strength.

2. Jumped online to and bought some roast dandelion root tea to help my bile flow. I actually enjoy the mild nutty taste of dandelion tea, and feel my stomach gurgling in response after I drink it. Make sure it’s organic.

3. Eat more fruit with enzymes. I already eat a lot of veges and fresh juice, salads, etc due to my korean diet, but I find eating fruit a chore. The acidity of most fruit upset my sensitive stomach, especially if I eat them on empty. So I focus on low-acid fruits such as bananas, pear, berries, melons.

4. Get more massages! mmmmm….

I’ll keep you updated if the above works!

Have you ever had iridology?

x A



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