My adult acne journey: how my naturopath helped me heal

I was battling persistent mild cystic acne for about 5 years when I started to crack.

I just got so sick of the bumps, lumps, pus, blood, squeezing, concealing, concealing, concealing. It was literally driving me insane, not to mention wasting my time and money. I also noticed that I had other ongoing health issues that I was SURE was related to my adult acne.

I’m a firm believer that acne is caused internally. To those doctors that told me that acne had nothing to do with hormones or diet, you shouldn’t be a doctor of so-called medicine. Acne is a sign from your own body telling you that something is wrong, and it was through my naturopath that I was able to pinpoint what exactly was wrong, that led me to finally being able to overcome acne to a large extent.

So what did I find out?

Firstly I’ll tell you my symptoms that I spoke to my naturopath about:

– Adult acne, persistent around my forehead, temples, cheeks, chin – stress induced at the beginning
– Anxiety, persistent and always in the background. I’ve had panic attacks before too, usually triggered by period pain
– Loose bowels, although regular every morning (don’t feel squeamish, this is totes important)
– Inability to put on weight
– Tired, lethargic, low motivation
– Serious period pain on day 1, where I can’t function without a painkiller

She then proceeded to ask me a variety of questions, looked at my tongue, my eyes and told me immediately that I had nutrient deficiencies, and that my acne was likely caused by both gut and hormone issues. ‘oookkkkk….’

She believes that the gut governs everything. If there is an imbalance in the gut, it will affect your hormones which will then have a knock-on effect to other bodily functions etc etc

Over the course of a month I had to take about 10 vials of blood, a revolting stool test (yes, poo poo), and uncomfortable ultrasounds of my reproductive system.

So what was my diagnosis?

This was interesting.

– Severe Vitamin D deficiency
– Zinc and B6 – low levels
– Cystic ovaries – caused by low levels of progesterone, hence hormonal imbalance
– Imbalance of good bacteria in gut – need more Lactobacillius ONLY

WHOA!! this was eye-opening stuff!! How in Gods-name would I have known the above if it wasn’t for seeing a naturopath? It was so cool (yet upsetting) to finally know what the bloody hell was going on inside.

The obvious, or not so obvious part was that every single symptom I had, was linked in some way or another to….you guessed it, ACNE.

Also interesting how they were all interlinked, for example, I’ve read on the (very trusty) inter web that Vit D deficiency is linked to PCOS, anxiety, and acne amongst other things.

So what did I have to do?

Firstly I had to take huge doses of Vit D once a week for 8 weeks – these were like horse pills. But the curious thing was, as soon as I took my first Vit D supplement, it was like a ‘light’ switched on in my head. I felt instantly warmer, more energetic, dare I say…happier? brighter? AND my skin cleared up almost by 80%.

I sht you not, this happened.

On top of this I had to take probiotics once a day of the particular strain of good bacteria I was lacking in, Vit B6 and Zinc supplements, and go on a no-sugar, no-dairy, no-nightshade veges, no-hot chips, no-fun food diet for a month or so.

I also started exercising again, which helped immensely.

But what about my ovarian cysts? Well, I had to go to a specialist for these and she suggested I go on the birth control pill for 3 months – which I refused. I’m currently managing them in my own way, which I will tell you more about soon.

In summary, I had to:

  1. Heal my gut
  2. Manage my hormone imbalance
  3. Address my nutrient deficiencies
  4. Prioritise exercise

And before I knew it, I was on the road to recovery. My skin started clearing up!! Hallelujah!! Obviously not 100% and not back to where it was when I was 17, but I had finally turned the corner. It cost me a lot of money to see a naturopath but I’m extremely grateful that I was able to, because now I feel so much more in control of my body, my skin and my health.

If you’d like to know who I saw in Sydney, Australia, let me know and I’m more than happy to pass on her details.

x A


3 thoughts on “My adult acne journey: how my naturopath helped me heal

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  2. Hi Miss Peppermint Oil, thanks for your msg! I am the biggest believer in ACV as a ‘cure-all’, and definately feel that it has helped with my digestion and skin health. Not to mention gotten rid of warts and helped with cysts. I always refer to that first convinced me to try ACV. Will check out your blog too!

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